Stacy Perkins

Professional. Experienced. Proven.

 With over 30 years of bird hunting and dog training experience, Stacy Perkins lives and breathes bird dogs. Stacy’s love for bird dogs began on the hunting club he and his parents owned and operated. When he was just a young boy, Stacy would help his father with every aspect of the club- from guiding hunts and entertaining guests to cleaning kennels. Stacy and his father guided thousands of hunts over faithful bird dogs, forever instilling a love for the sport. Throughout 20 years Stacy and his father welcomed many bird hunters through the door of their hunt club, successfully leaving fond memories in the minds of many.

 After the close of the family hunt club, Stacy shifted his focus from foot hunting to Field Trialing. Field Trailing came very naturally to Stacy, as he had grown up riding horses at his grandpa’s stockyard all his life. Putting together his two passions- Horses and Bird Dogs- proved to be a life changing move for Stacy. With this shift in training he quickly becoming attracted to the intense style of the English Pointer. Stacy’s career in field trialing has been a successful one- winning many, many championships including prestigious events such as the US Shooting Dog Invitational and other major Shooting Dog trials and most recently the 2015 Purina Top Shooting Dog of the Year Award. In addition, he has handled many dogs to Champion status, namely 10x Champion Perkins Happy To Be Here, 6x Champion Notta Snowballs Chance, and 3x Champion World Class Cliff. Stacy plans to continue his success with hard work and his champion breeding program!

“My goal is to develop natural talent and bring out the best in each and every dog in my program- regardless of breed.”

-Stacy Perkins

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