Training Camp in South Dakota


Send your bird dog to over 100,000 acres of the most premier training grounds available! With wild Pheasants, Grouse, and Hungarian Partridges galore, your dog will receive a true hunting experience. 

Our camp includes various landscapes- from river front cover to wheat field edges, modest housing, kennels, and a 10 acre horse pasture. We are proud of this small but efficient camp. We are here to work your dog, not vacation. 

Our summer camp program runs 6 days a week from July 15- early October. Our dogs are run in 30 minute – 1 hour braces depending on age and experience level. From puppy to aged hunter, meat dog to award winning field trial dog- we have a program to fit your bird dog! 

Although we specialize in English Pointers, we also train a variety of bird dogs. Our experience includes Llewellin Setters, English Setters, American Brittanys, German Shorthairs, Vizslas, and more! No matter the breed, we appreciate a good bird dog. Come see what a difference wild birds make on YOUR DOG!